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 is not just another high-tech product on the world market. It’s a dream of our team that has gradually materialized into a unique project over several years.

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We perfectly understood that we wanted to create not just a cargo quadcopter capable of carrying more and further than others, but a real assistant for any specific purposes.

At the heart of VALKYRIE HEAVY PRO, there is the soul of a whole team of developers, engineers, designers, experts and only then – high technologies with all the concurrent factors.

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Our product was recognized worldwide, and we began to receive orders from all around the globe.

months of development
months of test flights

But one thing is to sell the product to one or another customer, and a completely different task is to provide this customer with an adequate level of service.

That’s why we decided to create a dealer network.

If you are interested in technologies of the future, want to make the world cleaner, better and greener, we will be happy to work with you!
Fill in the form and we will be happy to know about you.
You have a unique opportunity to sell the product that has changed the global understanding of the concept of transportation.


We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time and effort to make our model the best in all parameters. Nothing can compare with VALKYRIE HEAVY PRO in a number of characteristics, ranging from carrying capacity and transportation distance to the level of customer support. This makes our product the excellent goods for sale with minimal risk.

VALKYRIE HEAVY PRO is the best product on the market that sells itself and doesn’t require special conditions for promotion. This is eloquently demonstrated by dry numbers and sales reports.


Who have already joined us

Want to become a dealer?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!

We look forward to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!

Sincerely, VALKYRIE team!

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